What My Students Have Been Saying

Jess Davis, Doylestown, PA
At my first lesson, Matt was able to quickly spot and address my mechanical challenges to my swing, which was largely self taught prior. I enjoy the technology that he uses, but even more so the tools, drills, and homework he assigns so that I continue to improve in between sessions. He teaches both indoor and outside, but my 6 lessons so far have all been outside, which I've enjoyed. Matt has an exceptional coaching style, his years of experience in this area are obvious. He's got different communication styles for each student, and if he can't get the idea through to me using one example, he's got more tricks to help me learn it another way. I'm looking forward to working with Matt for a long time even after I reach my short term golf goal of breaking 90.

Sally Hur, Warrington, PA
MD Golf Academy is amazing. My daughter has enjoyed every lesson, he is very attentive, very caring but also a strong teacher. I would highly recommend his Academy to anyone wanting to start golf or improve their scores!

Jodi Blackman, Southampton, PA
Matt is very professional. A wonderful teacher. He uses the latest tools. Teaches in a way your can understand. Extremely helpful. Really helped my game. Thanks

Earl W., PA
Golf instructors and their approaches are personal to the student. I've had instructors who were more technical and instructors who were more feel focussed. Matt is a nice blend two of both. As an amateur who doesn't have the flexibility or time to master complicated techniques, Matt worked within my limitations. I would say he was more feel-based in the sense of focussing on specific micro moves that built on each other and used tech as a supplementary aid. I still use the video we made nearly 2 years ago. I plan to go to one of his upcoming short game schools.
Ken Armour, Doylestown, PA
Matt is really great with kids. My daughter has been with Matt this past year and she has made tremendous improvement in her swing balance and power. I recommend Matt to everyone I know.

Ande Duda, Blue Bell, PA
Matt is an excellent coach and teacher. He breaks down the golf swing into simple to understand terms. His coaching exercises makes learning and achieving easy. He has helped my game tremdously.

Andrew Todd, Newtown, PA
have been to other golf instructors over the past couple of years. None of them come anywhere close to what Matt has done to improve my game. When I started with had I had trouble hitting my woods. Matt started by identifying the problem and taking a video of my swing. After one lesson, I was hitting my woods better than I have ever before. He has helped me so much.

Pat Donohue, Richboro, PA
Working with Matt in some one on one sessions has greatly improved my golf swing. Every golf swing is unique and he has helped me to identify the flaws in my swing, and then provided some fundamental drills to work on correcting these flaws. Since working with Matt, my ball striking has never been better!!